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During a time when so many traditions seem to disappear in our world, we at want to encourage keeping a few! I was talking with a friend earlier today as I discussed this new project, and the conversation turned to the topic that certain people (especially very young people!) have asked me: “Before the internet, where did we get our information?”

I happened to be talking about a trip that our family had taken in the “late 1990’s” – which to this young person was very long ago indeed! He asked, “How did you know where to go? How did you know about the hotel…etc?”

I told him that there was a long-standing tradition among people “back then” which included a trip to the local library! There, one could find maps! Travel Guides! Phone Directories! I explained that there was another tradition when I was a child, which was to help my parents decide where we would go on vacation each year.

It would start by finding travel sections in the newspaper and sending away for travel brochures. I would go to the library, and look up cities and write to them, asking for travel guides and brochures. It was so much fun! I would wait by the mailbox, eagerly looking forward to the scores of motel brochures that we would then pore over under making the decision.

Then, my parents would write a check and mail in a deposit to the chosen motel.

These are traditions that are long forgotten in today’s fast-paced world of instant knowledge. But, I would like to still keep a few traditions alive, and that means writing about stuff that interests me. Hopefully some of what I write will interest you as well! One thing is for sure: I have no idea what ideas are going to come forth! LOL!